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Separator 1 Discover exceptional sewer and septic pumping and maintenance services from our company in Ettrick, Wisconsin. In addition to
our septic and sewer pumping services, we provide vegetable oil and grease trap services, as well as portable toilet rentals and
commercial bio-solid hauling and storage handling. Contact us today at (888) 685-8759 in Ettrick, Wisconsin, for more details about
our unique services.

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A Septic tank is a tank that wastewater is distributed into and treated. When your septic tank is 1/3 full,
we pump it. If it's not pumped, it could lead to premature malfunctions that could cost thousands of
dollars if it's not maintained properly. Additionally, we'll haul away manure for farmers.

Holding Tanks
A holding tank is what water drains into and then it
is filtered into a drainage area. The price of draining
your holding tank varies per gallon, whereas the
septic tank is charged by the job. We carry roughly
180 feet of hose so we do not damage your lawn by
driving on it. Additionally, we bring extra hose if it's

    Inspections and Maintenance Services
Arcade Pumping Service offers three-year inspection
services. Your county sends you a notice via mail
before each inspection. However, homeowners
require maintenance service every six months to
change filters, check the floats, and to handle any

Contact us today in Ettrick, Wisconsin, for expert sewer
and septic pumping services.

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